Apple Warns IPhone 5 Users Need To Update The System To Stay Connected

If you are still an iPhone 5 user, you should now update your iOS to the latest available version which supports your iPhone.

Apple has started sending warnings to iPhone 5 owners via a full-screen message alerting them to update the system to the latest version available for their devices, to avoid losing basic connectivity features including email, the App Store, cloud storage and ICloud browsing.

Where the company has set a timetable for this update before the third of next November to upgrade the system version of iOS 10.3.4, the update will fix timing and positioning “GPS”. problems .

Missing the update date is not the last chance to do so, but only if you back up the data on your computer to retrieve it in case you plan to update the system.

Apple pointed out that a number of other fourth-generation devices may be affected, such as iPads, but will be limited to the impact of GPS service.

However, in general, the effects of this step will not be significant for iPhone users as Apple said that 9% of the holders of its devices are still working on the system version less than 12 iOS, according to statistics dating from October 15, knowing that the rate has shrunk to 7%

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