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Leadership quotes for student council

Sport has given me leadership and discipline. It also taught me to stay modest.

Charlene, Princess of Monaco

The leader is a hope dealer


Leadership is a responsibility and the emirate is mandated and not honored and leadership is the most informed means of education

Ragheb Elsergany

A general who sees in the eyes of others is not able to lead a state

Napoleon Bonaparte

If a sheep died on the coast of the Euphrates, The God will asked me about it .

Omar bin al-khattab

Coward? One in my army, more dangerous than ten valiant in the army of enemies

Napoleon Bonaparte

The best advantages of leaders, cold nerves.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Do not choose in the leadership position those who point out what is higher than their role in success or victory

Saddam Hussein

Leadership is the art of quick thinking

A successful leader is the one who balances the culture of leadership with its principles with the general mood of its followers.

Do not wait to give you leadership, but train and learn to take responsibility

Amr Salim

Fifty sheep without a shepherd not herd

Russian saying

Innovate, innovation makes us the personality of the leader and not only the personality of the follower. Be smart in the distribution of your tasks, let competent employees do 50% of your routine

Steve Jobs

My pride is that I don’t know a statesman in the world who has the right to pretend to represent his people more than I do.

Adolf Hitler

Leadership is the art of decision making

Ibrahim al-Fiqi

The administration operates through the system, while the command runs over the system

An interesting reading of history shows that no man could succeed in Leadership without convincing his followers that he had placed them first and foremost.

If you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat.

Ronald Reagan

In order for the unity of the people to be true, it must withstand the maximum pressure without breaking.

Mahatma Gandhi

If you do an order or a position, keep the bad guys away from you, all their flaws are yours.


Renewal is what distinguishes the leader who follows him

Steve Jobs

A genius leader must have the ability to make different opponents appear as if they belong to one family.

Adolf Hitler

My job as a president is to make sure that everyone in the company has great opportunities, and that they feel that their presence has a tangible and beneficial impact on society.

Larry Page

Leadership is a combination of strategy and personality. If you have to give up one, give up the strategy

Norman Schwarzkopf

Leadership can be learned, It must be learned.

Peter Drucker

Management is the work of executive leadership

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