Live Transfer The Mummy Royal Mummy Egyptian Museum online

The pharaohs golden parade live Live broadcast of the procession of the transfer of royal mummies, Egypt is preparing, in a few hours, for a very important event that attracts the attention of the world, the attention of the world will turn to Cairo

The pharaohs golden parade live

In conjunction with the start of the march of royal mummies from the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square to the National Museum of Civilization in Fustat

To announce the departure of 22 mummies dating back to the ages of the “17, 18, 19 and 20” dynasties, including 18 mummies for kings and 4 mummies for queens

Among the kings, “Ramses II, Seqnen Ra, Thutmose al-Tal, Seti the First, Hatshepsut, Mert Amun, Ahmose and his wife Nefertari.”

The event is of great importance to the local and international media, as it is expected to be broadcast on 400 TV channels.

At the invitation of the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities to participate in the event, Zurab Polokashvili, Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization, arrived in Cairo.

At the head of the organization’s delegation.

Live broadcast transmission of royal mummies online

The pharaohs golden parade live

Today evening “Saturday April 3,” and after sunset, the great celebration will start from the heart of Tahrir Square, where the Pharaonic wagons will set off from inside the

The Egyptian Museum in Tahrir, carrying 22 royal mummies, on which the name of each king is written, in addition to 17 coffins, where the official opening of Tahrir Square will take place, with lighting

The sky with laser lights that will appear in the names of the kings.

The procession is supposed to start at sunset today, April 3, and the procession will take between 40 and 45 minutes, to arrive from the museum.

Al-Masry to the National Museum of Civilization in Fustat.

The rams in the middle of the square will be unveiled, lit with the obelisk and all the buildings and facades of the square Shots will also be fired at the start of the procession in tribute to the great kings, and the procession will pass along the Nile Corniche, led by horses and warriors. In addition to artistic reviews, with the participation of a group of famous artists. According to the news announced by the government at the meeting, the celebration will be broadcast on 400 TV stations, indicating that the company has purchased advertising space. In Arab and European countries to promote the event. According to information disclosed by the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Dr. Khaled Anani, last Sunday night, the presence of a number of prominent international figures has been confirmed. Dr. Mahmoud Mabrouk, advisor to the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, revealed to the museum the details of the ceremony, and that a skeleton will be displayed. It is 35 thousand years old, dating back to prehistoric times, for a young Pharaonic with all his hunting tools and equipment for his daily life.

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