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No time to part

No time to part

There is a fall in the moral standard We often walk over broken words Take no care to remind others and such causing distrust and fears

We always love to preach But fail to catch the meaningful advice and express the surprise

We are turning a blind eye And try With the different intentions Thus fail in preserving the relation

As a result There is a new cult Among the people to put the false show And think it is the proper way to grow

It is advisable To make the struggle And bring up the level To present and excel

Why are we doing all these?
When it has no relevance!
No standing in the civilized world
And there is a solid argument

we want to become a millionaire But don’t want to work more Put in no concerted efforts And present it in parts

So it is worked out And loudly talked about with an easy way and the quick result That is how we are making an efforts

Slow and steady wins the race And authoritatively face The situation in a favorable way That is how we go ahead and firmly stay

Our society has dived the deep down And made it known That we live in the Dark Age! And cause the damages

No time to part

Why is there an increase in the crime rate? Why do we decide somebody’s fate? We have no answer ، We grow weaker day by day

We are expecting so much But try not to reach By hard labor And with the constant show all over

We are forgetting one aspect The ladies suffer more due to our acts Even though they are rated respectably More rape attempts are made by people daily

We shall have no time to shed tears As everybody is threatened by the constant fears Who knows very well that from which direction the danger may strike?

It is not the choice of our dislike or like
It is an open field The views are not permanently held But we are lacking resolve
So fail to solve

Let the things move And we disprove an entire approach As not enough is done to reach

We have the limited stay And may go away much to everybody’s surprise With all of the sudden demise

Keep no hesitation And make the strong foundation It is essential to have a good rapport To sail smoothly at the port

It is left to an own wisdom And that fails seldom The words are golden as to have come down from the heaven

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