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Quotes, Saying About Theft

Words Quotes about stealing from others

Poverty makes thieves, love makes poets.

Indian saying

The thief runs in a direction and the stolen in a thousand directions .

Persian saying

Whoever stole gold was imprisoned, and who stole a country that remained a king

Japanese saying

God cursed the thief.

Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him

Sleep guard is thief lamp

Persian saying

It seems that I will live and die poor, it is difficult for the man in the fifty to begin to learn the assets of theft

Unknown saying

Thieves must stay in jail.

Vladimir Putin

Who tempted today a grain of cucumber, tempted tomorrow goat

Indian saying

Stolen who smiles Steals something from the thief

William Shakespeare

Not everyone who barks dogs on them are thieves.

English saying

If you want to kill, kill an elephant, and if you want to steal, steal a treasure

Indian saying

Whoever steals once becomes a thief forever.

William Langland

Any man or institution trying to steal my dignity will lose.

Nelson Mandela

The stolen dress is not worn by the thief

French saying

The thief hates the moon.

Korean saying

The thief believes that all people are thieves

Norwegian saying

The bad lock seduces the thief.

Indian saying

Whoever steals a bull steals camels.

Persian saying

Panic in the market, a thief in joy.

Ethiopian saying

The waterwheel, which makes a stir, drags stones with water

Gypsy saying

Who steals an egg steals a camel.

Arabic saying

If the thief is lying, the robbery does not lie.

Turkish saying

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