Top 5 Websites That You Need To Admire More Than Facebook and Twitter

The first thing you do when you wake up? If you are a normal person, of course you will eat your breakfast and do those usual things that anyone does, but what if you are obsessed with today’s web and social networks, of course before you wash your face and eat your breakfast you will open your Facebook or Twitter account!

Statistics show how much time we spend every day browsing our Facebook and Twitter account the most popular social media sites in our day, and it is enough to watch yourself a day or two to realize how much time is lost !!

The following is a list of Top five great sites that you can follow daily without boredom, because of the magnificence of its content and idea .. Do you like knowledge and technology? Well, follow me…

1 – Ted

This wonderful site will inspire you with many ideas
TED’s idea started in 1984 and was an annual conference held in the United States to exchange ideas and creativity in three areas (technology, entertainment, design) and then expanded the idea to include most of the world and most areas, site was formulated to spread these ideas under the slogan
“Ideas worth spreading” the site also has many subtitled videos that you will really enjoy when you watch .

2 – KhanAcademy

Began in 2006 at the initiative of an Indian young man named (Salman Khan) to spread the culture of learning to anyone and anywhere, the site contains small videos of various branches of science as you can evaluate yourself in the new version of the site, the site is excellent, especially in mathematics, physics and programming, the most beautiful thing I found personally is the property of four questions you can not skip a certain level only after you answer four consecutive questions correctly answer
Isn’t it wonderful ?!

3 – Quora

If you have a puzzling question on any topic that you don’t know, why not sharing it with the world? This is the idea of the Quora website, FAQ, a great site you will definitely find someone to help you answer any questions you ask. You can follow the specialists and various specialized blogs, you can also follow the questions that interest you and know the latest answers and the best, it’s a great experience worth watching daily ..

4 – WikiHow

What if you want to make your own computer piece by piece? What if you want to master a skill like carpentry? If you want to learn a new skill and do not know how to learn it “WikiHow” This is, more than a wonderful site provides instructions and steps to make anything, just ask how ?? The site will add a lot to you especially if you like making things with your hand.

5 – Stumbleupon

I conclude with this wonderful site especially if you like to experience all that is new and wonderful on the Internet, who does not like to travel and see new places especially beautiful and wonderful ones? We are all that person, well in the same logic you can explore all the wonderful pages and sites that you have not seen before on the Internet through this site ..

All you have to do is click on the stumble button and wait for the surprise. You can explore pages of particular interest as well as technology, learning or even games. .. You can also create your own lists that you liked through the site, the site simply opens up new horizons and makes you more interactive with your interests.

These were five favorite and useful sites instead of browsing Facebook or Twitter, which distracts your focus and productivity of course there are other sites worth reading daily that I have not mentioned, if you have any suggestions for useful sites you can certainly share us.

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